Would it be reasonable to assume that if you were paying your management fees of around £1,149/year that the management company would actually do what they were suppose to do?

Stickers still on the velux light, after 6 years!

Stickers still on the velux light, after 6 years!

Don’t you believe it…we are in dispute with our management company & they have the nerve to chase me on the account, when we submit photographic evidence that they are not maintaining our investment.

Roof Maintenance = safety.

How about ensuring our clients are safe, good hosuekeeping!

BTW we have 6 apartments with this outfit!
What would you do?

Tried Keeping Up With The Jones’

Hi hope you’re all doing fantastic looking at what’s available on the market, applying logic and exercising due diligence, no need to rush there are plenty to go around……….. get your maths right and have fun!

I find that generally when people talk about investments this can mean a few things such as stocks and shares, business opportunities and property and as it’s a hot topic here in the UK that’s where my passion is without any doubt, I mean who can get excited about looking at stocks and shares?

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Boom or Bust?

So according to latest media reports, house prices are on the increase again and if you believe that, perhaps now is the time to make a commitment and get on the ladder before it’s too late.

The key is that no one really knows and for all the hype that is coming out of government when it comes down to it, it is your hard earned cash.

Some would even say that it is just a ploy to get confidence back up.

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Back On Track!

Hey apologies for being so quite on my blog, thing is I have been busy building an off-line business and generally enjoying life and the family (I can’t believe that my children have grown up so quickly they are 19, 17 and 14 already!)

But the good news is we are back here online to provide tips and hints to develop your property portfolio………… so let’s crack on!

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Goal Setting in Property Investment

First of all I would like to congratulate you in taking the first step in your property and investment business, property investing is a very personal issue and many people will tell you now is not the time to purchase, I would say the opposite is the truth. We at Property Investment Tips appreciate that different strategies will meet different people’s criteria and their own personal risk analysis. Our approach to the subject is one where we will carry out due diligence and analyse the financials thoroughly regardless of what third parties may or may not say.

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Property Investor Opportunities

Whilst a lot of property investors may feel that the market is not the place to be investing in during this current economic climate, it could be argued that the opposite is true.

The UK property market is still ideal for investors looking for opportunities which have the potential for long-term capital growth. What we have to realise and accept is that you will not achieve capital growth overnight.

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Review of Your Property Club

Recently whilst surfing the web I came across a website ‘Your Property Club’ which looks interesting. And no doubt, like most of us you I too flit from page to page looking for something which grabs my attention.

The site layout is very professional and there’s lots of useful content and advice for anyone looking to buy investment property. What they have achieved is a very credible website; it is in actual fact a membership site which ultimately is looking to source properties for its members and therefore creates income.

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Lease To Own Homes

In this ever-changing world we are constantly looking for innovative ways to purchase properties. Whereas our parents traditionally would have saved up a relatively small deposit and then approach the high-street lender for a capital repayment mortgage. In today’s market it is somewhat different and obviously the price has increased significantly.

If you apply the same principle to today’s first-time buyers, they would more than likely need to save up in excess of £30,000. For some this could be achievable, but for perhaps the majority of potential homeowners this could be too large a mountain to climb forcing them to remain in the rental market.

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6-10No Buy To Let Property Tips

Professional property investors are enjoying the current financial climate. What? You probably think I’m mad making that statement. On the contrary, what we are experiencing at the moment is a market that is panicking and amateur investors are panicking l. What this does for the professional property investor is gives us the opportunity to buy properties which will meet our strict criteria.

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1-5No Buy To Let Property Tips

5No Buy To Let Property Tips

Whilst most people today would walk away from potential buy to let properties due to the fear of unemployment, bank interest rates and a falling market. We are here to tell you that this is an ideal time to buy, a falling market means bargains are there to be had.

1. One of the most important things you need to complete is research, this is where most people generally fail, when we say research, this means research your ideal/potential tenants. Once you have identified the ideal tenant that will dictate the type of buy to let property you need to purchase. After all no matter how good you are at negotiating, if you can’t ultimately find a tenant for your property you will fail.

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